Following completion of its initial 2012-2015 Social and Economic Development Plan, the Government developed a new 2017-2021 PDES against a backdrop of major concerns, particularly persistent security threats, illegal immigration, a decline in commodity prices, climate change, etc.

In light of their findings, eight key challenges were identified. In response to these concerns, five (5) strategic axis reflecting key aspects of sustainable human development as a whole were defined:

  • cultural renaissance ;

  • social development and demographic transition;

  • acceleration of economic growth;

  • improved governance, peace and security;

  • environmental sustainability.

The interconnections between the five orientations are driven by a dynamic for change, around the core component of cultural renaissance.

For each defined strategic orientation, one or several programmes, sub-divided into sub-programmes, will be implemented. In total eleven (11) programmes and fifty (50) sub-programmes will be determined by clearly defined indicators, specifying reference situations and 2021 target values.