The 2017-2021 Social and Economic Development Plan (PDES), adopted on 9 May 2017, is the first 5-year plan for the implementation of the Niger 2035 Strategy for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth (SDDCI). Its foundations lie in our ambition for qualitative transformation on every level and our intention to eradicate poverty and inequality.

The PDES 2017-2021 addresses Niger’s challenges and priorities for the consolidation of democratic institutions, security, infrastructures, food security and basic social sectors. This will engender a true cultural renaissance, based on individual responsibility, strengthened patriotism and commitment to public good. Thanks to the more robust and concerted mobilization of all players, the conditions for a demographic transition will be created, to ensure that Niger achieves its economic and social development objectives.

Lastly, the PDES 2017-2021 will drive the modernization of the Nigerien economy, currently dominated by the primary rural sector, to an economy where secondary and tertiary sectors are prominent, where economic growth generates decent jobs, particularly for youth and where the private sector drives economic recovery..

The PDES 2017-2021 will therefore provide appropriate responses to the key issues that hinder Niger’s social and economic development.

The Renaissance Conference, of “A resurgent Niger for a prosperous people” will focus on the mobilization of funds for the implementation of the PDES 2017-2021. To be held in Paris on 13 and 14 December 2017, the conference is a key step in the implementation of our ambitions for Niger.

I would like to invite you, as partners and friends of Niger, investors, representatives of the private sector and the business world, to join forces and attend the Paris conference. I look forward to welcoming all of you to this important event.

Together, let us build a resurgent and prosperous Niger.

President of the Republic of Niger