• Sector: Agriculture Industry

  • Type: Private

  • Project owner: Global Sahel SA

  • Estimated cost (USD): USD 11 million

  • Estimated cost (FCFA): FCFA 7.5 billion

In several Niger regions, at the end of the rainy season, farmer organizations produce potatoes, onions, manioc, mangoes, tomatoes etc., … as excellent quality cash crops. Because of a lack of food conservation and processing techniques, much of this national production is lost or under-exploited between the two seasons. The objective of this project is to compensate for this loss by creating a Niger potato label, through the organization of the chain of traceability from production through to distribution of processed potato products.


  • Develop cash crops in addition to subsistence crops;
  • Reduce the country’s dependence on imported potatoes;
  • Improve the trade balance by exporting potatoes and processed potato products;
  • Satisfy strong national demand and the possibility of exporting at a lessor cost to ECOWAS member states.


Project Design: Private/ Private

Funding: Private/ Private

Implementation: Private/ Private

Operations: Private/Private

Risk sharing: Private/ Private